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It’s time to bring people together to achieve a healthier lifestyle through technology.

Has it ever occurred to you that your life and the lives of your family and loved ones are not absolutely safe at all every time you are far away from each other, that you need to monitor and keep track of each and everyone’s health status? What if suddenly you do not feel well or suffer health problems and you need to notify right away your loved ones of your well-being? Similarly, what if your loved ones are in the brink of danger and require emergency help that they need to alert you of their whereabouts or exact location?

The answer to all of your life-long worries is HELO LX. This is where health and tech meet up as HELO LX is the world’s first health and lifestyle oracle. It is a game-changer in health technology that can save lives and give you peace of mind all the time!

HELO LX is a new dimension in mobile health using the high-performance nanochip technology of Toshiba, the world leader in electronics technology. The latest innovation in the health monitoring gadget, HELO LX is a smart wristband that you can wear 24/7 to monitor your vital signs real-time, providing data that can be used to improve your lifestyle choices leading to a healthier well-being and physical condition, and better life. Unlike any other wearable health device on the planet with health and disease prediction, HELO LX has active sensors and stones that can accurately monitor the most important health measurements and vital signs of your body including:

Blood Pressure
Heart Rate
Breath Rate
Daily Steps
Calories Burned
Sleep Quality
Blood Sugar Levels*
Alcohol Levels in Blood*
Glucose Levels*
Oxygen Level*

Also includes SOS “Panic Button”

And very soon, HELO LX will also include a DNA analysis and extend the power of other technological features in health-monitoring!

HELO LX doesn’t forget anything about your health. Even if you are at home, resting and relaxing, HELO LX automatically gives you all the information about the health status of your body. With HELO LX, you can also keep track of the vital signs and major health parameters of your loved ones and be warned if some value is not in the correct range, either too high or too low.

HELO LX is designed by Antonio De Rosa, the world-renowned designer of iPhone 6 and iPhone 7. He left Apple in 2015 to join Wor(l)d Global Network as a Chief Design Officer (CDO) and a Senior Vice President (SVP) with a strong vision to further develop world changing technologies in health care. Helo LX is partnered with Toshiba and has the ApP Lite processor on board, The ApP Lite technology by TOSHIBA allows HELO LX to perform  fast and accurate.
Because HELO LX is a unique life-saving device, it is highly recommended by doctors, physicians, medical specialists and health experts from all over the world. It has all the functionality of major medical tools and equipment combined into one sleek, lightweight and digital wearable gadget. Its measurement accuracy is as close as it can get, from 99.99% to 100%
HELO has fitness functionality to record your number of steps, distance and calories burned. It monitors your mood and levels of fatigue. HELO LX not only monitors your important measurements but it produces a daily, weekly and monthly health report that you can provide to your trainer or physician. This innovative wearable technology is a must for health and fitness buffs. Making just a few changes in your lifestyle by wearing HELO LX can help you be in better shape and live longer. one, HELO LX can perform an ECG or EKG (electrocardiogram). It can also sense your mood, if you are excited or even if you are fatigued and much more!

HELO LX is a must for every member of your family – for you, for your children and for their grandparents so everyone can track each of their health progress and whereabouts in times of emergency even if each member wearing a HELO LX is thousands of miles away. Thinking a little about how things are going to change for everyone can help you to make sure the whole family is bonded together and will mutually benefit from the life-changing and life-saving features of HELO LX.

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Karen Whiffen

Helo Canada

* Feature coming soon Q4 2017 free software update