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BioZen: view the new amazing updates

We’ve updated the BioZen’s pages with amazing new videos.

In the “Results and Monitoring” section, you will find some tests made with and without BioZen using the Teslameter and Biomonitor to measure the benefits of BioZen.

Check out the video where BioZen has been tested with Biomonitor, a medical device from Germany.

Biomonitor randomly sends out electric signals via the “first row pins” and receives it randomly on one of the other pins.

Based on this, Biomonitor measures your whole body.

Biomonitor can report electric signals of all your blood parameters (such as sugar and cholesterol) and even signals about allergies, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, nervous system information, bone status, and so on.

All these parameters are placed in a triangle.

Green means harmonic state, meaning your body has enough power and energy to face problems. That means, if your reference measurement would be where “with BioZen” is, it will take some time to bring you down without it (10 – 15 minutes).

Blue means chaotic state, meaning your body is in stress mode.

Red means crystalline state, meaning chronic disease.

Line means there is no meaningful measurement anymore. It shows the border of the “background noise.”

Do you need an example? If you are in a restaurant with only 2 of the 10 tables filled up, you can recognize what people at the other table are saying. If the whole restaurant is occupied, you cannot.

Stay tuned because many videos and documents are coming to demonstrate, in a scientific way, how the use of a simple chip sticker can improve your wellness.

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