INFOLIO Smartphone



The Impact Arena, location of the amazing WOR(l)D International Convention, was the stage where WOR(l)D unveiled the new jewel of WOR(l)D’s production.

On the stage, our CEO, Mr. Fabio Galdi, introduced the astonishing INFOLIO, the first smartphone that reduces the harmful effect of electrosmog, thanks to an optimized antenna based on BioZen technology.

This technology, called BioZen Shield, utilizes the same main principles of the BioZen sticker, with an improvement of reduction around 15%, thanks to a highly optimized process to design the antenna to completely fit the features and the design of this new smartphone.

Designed entirely from scratch, with an aluminum body and a beautiful Cosmic Blue color, INFOLIO raises the bar of smartphones.

The BioZen shield is just the beginning: Its hardware is truly amazing, with a 3380 MHA battery, a dual camera with 16+8 megapixels on the rear and a 5-megapixel bottom camera for the selfie. Complete with a sensible fingerprint sensor and a 5.5” bezel-less screen with AMOLED technology. In a body of a 5-inch phone, we have fit a 5.5” screen.

All information regarding the availability of INFOLIO will be revealed next week.

Stay tuned!



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