Life Log

Start to Live your Life. Again.




LifeLog records your life, day by day, measurement by measurement, to offer you the first real bio-profile.

 A Revolutionary Concept.

LifeLog is a system that, using HELO, records and tracks a complete set of information to create your bio-profile in real-time, 24/7.

It uses all the measurements of your HELO to build a detailed profile daily where you can link your health data to common elements like pictures, text notes, and audio notes.

 Relive your memories again and again.

LifeLog registers thousands of locations, itineraries, heart rates, blood pressure indicator*, breath rates, heart check*, moods, steps, sleep analysis and many other details each day. In every moment you can check, compare, and analyze your mood and status compared to other dates, as well as obtain tips and feedback to improve your health and lifestyle.

Why LifeLog



Record all your memories with no time limits
All you data will be stored with high privacy level


Navigate trough a real timeline to check your vitals related each memories. Discover the locations where you were excited or the moments where your heart beats was going on.
 Add notes, audio, pictures to enrich your memories.


LifeLog Share

Share all your memories on the major social networks.


LifeLog Stats

Compare your data against your family, your age group and more.

A complete ecosystem for your Wellness and Lifestyle

LifeOracle is the report engine of LifeLog, accessible by web or through HELO App and builds for you a complete report.

LifeOracle Trends

Analyze your wellness, see your average bio parameters, and get tips and recommendations for the following weeks.

LifeOracle Reports

See a history of your activity trends, track your long-term calorie burning goals, and get ranked on your activity level.

LifeOracle Sleep Analysis

Get the most out of your sleep tracking with long-term stats and historical trends.

LifeOracle Trainer

Receive a personalized week plan that pushes you to gradually increase your lifestyle.



LifeLog and HELO will change the way you see your health.

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