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The Impact Arena, location of the amazing WOR(l)D International Convention, was the stage where WOR(l)D unveiled the new jewel of WOR(l)D’s production.

On the stage, our CEO, Mr. Fabio Galdi, introduced the astonishing INFOLIO, the first smartphone that reduces the harmful effect of electrosmog, thanks to an optimized antenna based on BioZen technology.

This technology, called BioZen Shield, utilizes the same main principles of the BioZen sticker, with an improvement of reduction around 15%, thanks to a highly optimized process to design the antenna to completely fit the features and the design of this new smartphone.

Designed entirely from scratch, with an aluminum body and a beautiful Cosmic Blue color, INFOLIO raises the bar of smartphones.

The BioZen shield is just the beginning: Its hardware is truly amazing, with a 3380 MHA battery, a dual camera with 16+8 megapixels on the rear and a 5-megapixel bottom camera for the selfie. Complete with a sensible fingerprint sensor and a 5.5” bezel-less screen with AMOLED technology. In a body of a 5-inch phone, we have fit a 5.5” screen.

All information regarding the availability of INFOLIO will be revealed next week.

Stay tuned!

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Helo LX Personal Lifestyle Smartband


Helo LX Smartband

 About Helo LX

The Helo LX is a personal lifestyle monitored smartband which is able to track several different vital signs including: blood pressure, heart rate, breath rate, mood and fatigue. It is able to track your sleep and perform EKGs and ECGs. The device allows you to monitor your cardiovascular data as well as family and friends data on your Android or iOS device. The device has a tactile button which can emit an SOS message, including your location to your loved ones indicating that you are in need of help.


Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Button Interface (SOS Feature) , Blood Pressure Meter, EKG Sensor, Glucometer, Pedometer, Plethysmograph, Temperature Sensor, Heart Rate Monitor, Oximeter, GPS, PPG Sensor, Respiration Rate, Blood alcohol levels ,Analysis for mood and energy levels, Measure steps, distance,calories burned, Thermometer & ECG Sensor.

Advise your loved ones if your measurements are not in the correct range.

Guardian offers you an amazing feature: alerting your loved ones through SMS and in-app messages if your measurements are too high or low.

Monitor and check the Bio parameters of your loved ones remotely*. With a tap.

WeCare is an amazing function that allows you to remotely check the wellness of your parents, friends, and loved ones. This is true peace of mind.

*require Helo paired with a Smartphone or Tablet, data connection active and GPS signal active.


World International

Device Name

Helo LX

Product Release

April 2017 North America


$319.00 USD

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery


ANT+ & Bluetooth


Android & iOS

Science Behind The Helo LX

Fox News Reviews

Product information videos

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non-invasive blood glucose Helo LX

According to the International Diabetes Federation, 415 million people worldwide (1 in 11 people) have diabetes consuming 12% of global health expenditure ($673B) in 2015. The American Diabetes Association advises that in the US, nearly 30 million (1 in 8) people have diabetes and $1 in $5 health care dollars is spent caring for people with diabetes. Americans with diagnosed diabetes incur average medical expenditures of about $13,700 per year, of which about $7,900 is attributed to diabetes.

The importance of blood glucose (blood sugar) monitoring is the main tool used to check diabetes control. The current mainstream blood glucose measurement process is to use a lancing device on the side of the fingertip to get a drop of blood, touch the test strip to the drop of blood, and wait for the result. Apart from being painful for the diabetic, there are health risks due to the invasive nature of the process as well as measurement compliance and recording issues.


Helo’s features today include measurement of Blood Pressure, ECG, Heart Rate, Respiration Rate, Heart Rate Variability (HRV) analysis for mood and energy levels along with measuring steps, distance and calorie burn.  However, this is the first time anyone has used a photoplethysmograph (PPG) to estimate blood glucose levels and incorporate the technology into a wearable device to provide convenient, non-invasive blood glucose estimation and logging on a continuous basis.

Helo is not a medical device, but continuous measurement of blood glucose estimates are expected to be helpful in understanding blood glucose changes over time, aid compliance and support a pre-diabetic seeking to change their lifestyle to avoid diabetes.

WRMT’s blood glucose estimation service is non-invasive and can be scheduled to record blood glucose estimates routinely with readings stored in Helo’s LifeLog for easy presentation to the diabetic’s health care provider. In the event that Helo detects a blood glucose problem, Helo’s Guardian service will automatically alert the wearer and their care giver. It is expected that this service will initially be available in Q4’17, to all Helo wearers who opt-in for the service and who pay the initial fee to cover registration and to start blood glucose monitoring.

Fabio Galdi, CEO, World Media & Technology Corp., said, “I am personally excited by this development. It is the first time that I am aware that PPG technology has been used to estimate blood glucose in a wearable device designed for the consumer wellness market. It will address a very real, painful and expensive need. Our test results have proven consistent with traditional blood glucose measurements so we have decided to start integration to provide this as a full Helo service later this year.” He continued, “By the time that we launch, we will have enough Helo wearers all over the world to generate a very valuable blood glucose data base. Our plan is to share this data via our Big Data Portal with appropriate research partners. We are sure that together we can gain valuable insights and who knows, maybe somewhere, buried below all that data our research partners may find the cure for diabetes!”


MIAMI, January 10, 2017 – World Media & Technology Corp. (“Wor(l)d”)  (OTC PINK: WRMT), today announced that its research activity generating non-invasive, continuous blood glucose estimates have been found to be sufficiently accurate to allow WRMT to proceed to full integration of the algorithm in the Helo platform so WRMT can offer blood glucose estimation as a service in Q4’17 to Helo wearers who choose to pay an initial set-up fee and an ongoing monthly charge.


Helo LX Canada


Science Behind The Helo LX

Fox News Reviews

Product information videos

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BioZen Amazing updates

BioZen: view the new amazing updates

We’ve updated the BioZen’s pages with amazing new videos.

In the “Results and Monitoring” section, you will find some tests made with and without BioZen using the Teslameter and Biomonitor to measure the benefits of BioZen.

Check out the video where BioZen has been tested with Biomonitor, a medical device from Germany.

Biomonitor randomly sends out electric signals via the “first row pins” and receives it randomly on one of the other pins.

Based on this, Biomonitor measures your whole body.

Biomonitor can report electric signals of all your blood parameters (such as sugar and cholesterol) and even signals about allergies, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, nervous system information, bone status, and so on.

All these parameters are placed in a triangle.

Green means harmonic state, meaning your body has enough power and energy to face problems. That means, if your reference measurement would be where “with BioZen” is, it will take some time to bring you down without it (10 – 15 minutes).

Blue means chaotic state, meaning your body is in stress mode.

Red means crystalline state, meaning chronic disease.

Line means there is no meaningful measurement anymore. It shows the border of the “background noise.”

Do you need an example? If you are in a restaurant with only 2 of the 10 tables filled up, you can recognize what people at the other table are saying. If the whole restaurant is occupied, you cannot.

Stay tuned because many videos and documents are coming to demonstrate, in a scientific way, how the use of a simple chip sticker can improve your wellness.

Helo Canada

Helo LX Canada

Helo LX 100,000 Units sold

As you know, HELO LX is still in pre-order phase, but it has already sold more than 100,000 units in just a few weeks. These incredible sales numbers are even surpassing forecasted amounts.

HELO LX represents a new concept of a wellness band: Its versatility and technology have contributed to the creation of a real movement that is going through all of the network marketing industry. Thousands and thousands of people are experiencing a new level of wellbeing thanks to the sharing of data, which is useful for research and development.

Users, developers, researchers and distributors are all united in this new concept of Digital Network Marketing. And many surprises are yet to come.

HELO App Store is almost ready, so get ready for all sorts of great apps and plugins for your HELO device.



Helo Newfoundland

Helo LX

HELO LX   isn’t your typical wristband: it allows you to obtain measurements of your bio-parameters with high accuracy.

Real-time measurements, advanced services, dedicated app.   Your wellness is cared for at a higher level.

Easy monitoring of your bio-parameters. Improve your lifestyle 24/7 thanks to the best technology on the market.

Heart Rate

It measures the heartbeat in beats per minute. The measurement lasts 40” and is done by launching the process without moving your wrist. At the end of the measurement, the values will be displayed and you can choose between repeating the measurement or store it in the history log

Breath Rate

It measures the respiration in breaths per minute. The measurement lasts 40” and is done by launching the process without moving your wrist. At the end of the measurement, the values will be displayed and you can choose between repeating the measurement or store it in the history log.

Mood and Energy

It returns indexes thanks to which the sensors and a dedicated algorithm, describe the levels of mood and fatigue. The measurement lasts 40” and is done by launching the process without moving your wrist. At the end of the measurement, the values will be displayed and you can choose between repeating the measurement or store it in the history log.

Plugin Enabled

Helo App is ready to host plugins and modules by third party developers to extend and empower the basic featured and measurements of standard set. Explore the dedicated store to add plugins that fit your needs.


Your wellbeing

Transform your habits and reduce your stress. HELO LX will be the best coach for your body and your mind.

Your habits and your actions have influence on your levels of stress, happiness and productivity. Thanks to the tips and measurements of HELO LX, you will recover control of your wellbeing by lowering the levels of noise resulting from modern life.

The next Tech. trend of 2017

Helo Life Newfoundland


A Game Changer In Healthcare